Food products that improves brain power

60% of our brain is compound out of lipids.

       10000 cells dies every day in human brain and never regenerates again. And yet, this is the best performing organ from entire animal species. This does not mean it doesn’t “respect” itself: the brain consumes about a quarter of the whole body energy, and to work at its best it needs the best food nutrients.

       The intense physical or intellectual activity or simply daily stress is tiring the brain at a fantastic rate. Fortunately, it does not stall, it only sends signals that you should feed yourself. It would be better if you would feed yourself exactly after the needs of the most efficient biological machine.

Some foods are not only healthy, but also helps develop memory capacity. Let see what foods can influence concentration power and how:

Fish: Long been it is known that fish helps you to have a better memory. Especially omega fat acids which improves the learning capacity and memory. Eat more ocean fish (tuna, cod, sardines). It is recomended to eat 2-3 times per week and your memory will be a perfect ten.

Ginkgo Biloba:  A herb with remarkable results for memory. It only give results if it’s used with a few weeks before.

Water:  The water consumption is very important in the memorizing process and not only. Drink a sufficient amount of water and you’ll see how the results will not delay to show up.

Spinach:  It slows down the nervous system problems and has an antioxidant effect.

Cabbage and red beet salad:  They are excellent for an intense concentration.

Onion:  If you manage to eat a daily onion salad is perfect. Onions help brain oxygenation.

Red wine: It seems like a little wine never hurts. The red wine improves memory.

Citrus fruits:  Kiwi, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, all of these are very good when your memory needs a boost from you.

Eggs:  You should consume especially yolk. Egg yolk contains acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which is essential in memoration process. It is good if you are in a period when you have to remember a lot of information.

Peanuts and walnuts:  These contains important substances that improves thinking process. You should eat walnutz and peanuts for several days in order to feel the difference.

Sage:  It seems that this herb increases the flow of chemicals that help the transmission of mesages to brain, it removes fatique and increases the ability to focus.

Rosemary:  Besides sage, another herb that effectively stimulates brain is rosemary. The rosemary increases with 15% the long term memory capacity.

Chocolate:  You must take into account the content of cocoa from chocolate. This must be high (at least 50-60%).

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