Amazing things you did not know about yourself

       The researchers consider that “this perfectly built machine, down to the smallest details, still has spectacular secrets, that once revealed can only strengthen the fact that we are a particular species.”

       One of the spectacular things that some people do not know about their body is that the cells that makes up human brain can absorb up to 5 times more information than the whole British Encyclopedia can cover.

Another thing:

A human’s body has:
enough potassium to cause the explosion of a toy cannon;
enough sugar to fill a jar;
enough fat to make seven pieces of soap;
enough iron to make a small nail;
enough sulfur to desinfest a dog.
enough phosphorus to create 250 matches.

There is more:
       The brain continues to transmit signals as electrical impulses for about 37 hours after death, and if all 600 muscles in the human body would strain at the same time and in the same direction, the human would be able to lift a weight of 25 tons!
       On the list of amazing things about human body are also the following:
-From the physical point of view a woman can give birth to 35 children durig her life.
-The heart beats for aproximately 2.700.000.000 times troughout life (the woman’s heart beats faster that man’s heart).
-More than a billion bacteria are on each foot.
-The man has aproximately 76.000 hairs on his head.

On a square inch of skin there are about:
-six million cells;
-5000 receptors;
-15 sebaceous glands;
-200 nociceptive fibers (for pain);
-10-25 tactile receptors and heat-sensitive corpuscles;
-four meters of nerve fibers;
-one meter of blood vessels;
-and over 100 sweat glands!

A human brain generates more electrical impulses in one day that all the phones in the world.
And one more thing:
Placed end to end all veins, arteries and capilaries of an adult human would be enough to circle the earth four times!

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