Best weight loss advices from Dr. Oz

  1. Your Meals should be regular

  2. You should plan your meals with several hours ahead. This way you would be less tempted to make unhealthy choices and eat fast food when hungry strikes.

  3. Introduce oat flakes in your diet

  4. Oats and other whole grains are the most friendly foods for your diet, Do not forget that! So if you eat about a cup of oat flakes in the morning, this will stop you from eating all sorts of junk foods in the afternoon.

  5. Choose healthy fats

  6. Foods with healthy fats such as olives, salmon and all kind of nuts will help you to feel a sensation of fullness over a period of several hours.

  7. Do not skip breakfast!

  8. If you made a practice of skipping over breakfast, remember the words of Dr. Oz. Skipping the main meals of the day will cause your body to enter a fat storing phase, which will always give you the hunger sensation.

  9. Eat walnuts insted of sweet snacks

  10. Dr. Oz. recommends eating as many nuts as you can, because if you eat even a small amount of walnuts (as much as you can fit in one hand), this will keep you fed up and will give you a longer feeling of fullness. If you want to try a different texture, try to dip them in water.

  11. Start to meditate

  12. Use meditation as a “partner” which will help you deal with chronic stress – the cause that urges you to crave after those carbs affecting your silhouette.

  13. Avoid frying foods

  14. Perhaps until now you have been accustomed to fry foods – whether we are referring to meat products or vegetables. But Doctor oz points out that there are other much healthier ways to cook such as steam cooking, food cooked on grill or in the oven, or simply boiled, if we refer to vegetables or meat.

  15. Do your shopping in a smart way

  16. Make a list and set a time limit before you go shopping, in this way is less likely to diverge by the rayons with processed foods.

  17. Hydration, the secret behind hunger sensation

  18. Be careful! Do not confuse the sensation of thirst with hunger. It is best to drink a glass of water whenever you feel like you are hungry to see if it really is your food appetite the one that urges you to eat.

  19. Do not give in to temptation

  20. Another weight loss advice Dr. Oz has is, when dining out at a restaurant, ask the waiter to keep any of bread, chips and mix of peanuts or pretzels from your sight on the table before eating. If you are hungry, you’ll be tempted to feast on these snacks.

  21. Make healthy sex

  22. It might be better to replace the late night dinner with sex. A healthy sex life helps you maintain control over the amount of food you eat and is a great exercise for you and your partner.

  23. Make yourself some snack packs, in case of “emergency”

  24. When you have some free time, make yourself a few packages that will include healthy foods such as: nuts, sliced fruits or vegetables. This will help you avoid falling into temptation (unhealthy foods).

  25. Take a walk before meals

  26. Take a short brisk walk before lunch or before dinner. In this way, not only you will do a simple exercise, but you’ll also be less tempted to eat something bad for your weight before the actual meal.

  27. Canned salmon – an alternative

  28. Looking for benefits which salmon has, but you do not like to cook fish? Try searching the supermarket for canned salmon; this is a simple and more affordable alternative, compared with fillet salmon from fish raions.

  29. Smaller plates

  30. Have you ever thought that maybe your plates are a bit too large? A healthy dinner should fit on a plate with a diameter of 23 centimeters, You may find that even child plates are more suitable to feed an adult, says Dr. Oz.

  31. Avoid packaged snacks

  32. Never eat those snacks you pull out from a cardboard, from a box or a bag – all kind of chips, sweets and biscuits. Instead, healthy snacks should be divided into portions the size of a fist; so you’ll be less tempted to overdo eating.

  33. Sleep comes first!

  34. Get your dose of sleep. Sleep deprivation alters the level of hormones in your body, responsible with regulating the sensation of hunger. The less you sleep, the more appetite you will have.

  35. Do weight training

  36. Muscles burn at least four times more calories when they are intensely used. So try to make a special program: 20 minutes of strength exercises (at least 2-3 times a week). These exercises will help you burn calories.

  37. Decaffeinated coffee

  38. The decaf is an excellent liquid that you can drink when your appetite urges you to eat unhealthy food, with a low calorie and a good source of antioxidants.

  39. Liquid food

  40. If you consume food based on liquids like natural smoothies and soups with a low level of salt, this will help you reduce calories and will give you a sensation of fullness.

  41. Find reasons to walk outside

  42. Take every opportunity to walk throughout the city, outside the office, at the market, around the block, in park etc. If you don’t walk at least 10 000 footsteps a day, you are not doing it right.

  43. Find what triggers your appetites

  44. Doctor OZ advises us to focus upon those emotional factors that triggers our most unhealthy appetites – such as “comfort foods”. So next time you are craving for something sweet, imagine yourself reaching your desired weight; this will help you resist the temptation.

  45. Try vegetarian sauces

  46. Use as a garnish, a vegetable based sauce – such as hummus – instead of those fatty or cream based dressings.

  47. Supervise your weight

  48. People who weigh themselves more often and follow the progress they make (for example, they keep a journal in which they write down the number of kilograms) are more likely to lose weight.

  49. Take advantage of cinnamon

  50. Use a bit of cinnamon to turn your fruits into a great sugar free dessert. You can as well sprinkle cinnamon on bananas, melons and other fruits you like.

  51. Never eat when you are distracted

  52. Avoid eating in front of a TV or in a movie theater, because without knowing, you will actually eat more calories than you intend to. Let’s face it, this is one smart advice from Doctor Oz.

  53. Skip fizzy drinks

  54. Even if you are dinning out or at home, avoid consuming carbonated soft drinks, full of sweeteners and sugars. You will be amazed on how much weight you can lose if you simply replace sodas with plain water.

  55. Choose healthier snacks

  56. Take advantage of ‘between the meals snack’. Whether you choose peaches, berries, apples or pears to sweeten your day, it is important to make healthier choices and avoid unhealthy snacks such as potato chips and cookies.

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