Foods that harm teeth – top 7 products you should avoid

       The foods we eat every day can damage our teeth because of sugar and sweet substances each of them contains. According to Dr. Matt. Messina, of the American Dental Asociation, there are seven foods that any consumer should beware in order to maintain healthy teeth.

       The U.S. publication quotes the dentist Matt Messina, who claims that high sugar products represents the number one enemy for healthy teeth. Also, carbonated beverages or foods that stick to teeth can cause just as many problems for oral health.

  • Dried fruits – a sticky snack, not recomended for teeth

Although the dried fruits can be a good alternative for the classic chips, it seems that it contains high quantities of sugar. Due to their sticky consistency, the dried fruits can remain stuck between teeth and can lead to tooth decay.

  • Carbonated drinks – a lot of sugar against teeth

This type of drinks are very rich in acid. At each sip the teeth are bombarded with waves of acid, which will lead to erosion of tooth enamel and eventually leads to tooth decay. It is recomended that this type of juices to be consumed while eating, because this way the teeth will not constantly be exposed to acid.

  • Candies – a bad choice for dental health

Because consumers often choose hard candies, their teeth are prone to large amounts of sugar that remains on their surface for a long period of time, causing dental erosion.

  • Alcoholic drinks – they reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth

Although many people do not realize, the alcohol can damage teeth and gums. The alcohol irritates any tissue senzitive area, causing to those who consume it usually irritations and a reduction in the amount of saliva in the mouth.

  • Tomatoes and lemons – natural pests for teeth

Because they contain quite a lot of acids, both tomatoes and lemons can attack tooth enamel. Also, if consumed frequently, these foods can lead to a serious teeth damage.

  • Chips – too high salt contribution

These foods contains too much salt and can easily get stuck between your teeth, feeding the microorganisms and bacteria in the mouth

  • Coffee or tea – frequent spots on teeth

The coffee or teas are two drinks that stain teeth and can cause damage to the tooth enamel. Also, through their consistency, they can leave a sticky surface on teeth and thus the occurence of cavities.

       Obviously it is hard to completely avoid all the products listed above. However just make sure you brush your teeth very well each time you consume some of them, especially foods rich in sugar.

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