Garlic – the number one medicine of humanity

       Garlic is a plant with many therapeutic qualities known since ancient time, and having a number of beneficial effects for human body. Besides the special role it has in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, garlic is also a powerful antibiotic, it helps the digestion process and offers protection against carcinogens agents.
       The history shows us that ancient Egyptian pyramid builders ate garlic, onions and radishes to prevent diseases. Also, Roman legions used large amounts of garlic in their diet. In those times garlic was recommended to treat over 60 diseases. Folk medicine recommends garlic especially in cases of hypertension and obesity.

In the following paragraphs you’ll find a number of diseases that can be cured only by adding garlic in your alimentation:

  • Thrombosis, thrombophlebitis
  • There are no less than 10 studies done in university hospitals from Germany, United States, China and Korea, who followed the effect of garlic over thrombosis, and all showed a significant reduction of the tendency of blood clots,at patients who were treated with it. The consumption of 4-6 cloves of garlic per day is therefore a sure remedy for the prevention and treatment of thrombophlebitis and even thrombosis in general. It is worth mentioning that the effects of garlic appear in time, therefore patients with risk of developing complications from thrombosis should not stop taking prescribed medication in order to be treated exclusively with garlic.

  • Rectum Cancer
  • A team of American doctors from the University of North Carolina has analyzed several studies on constant consumers of garlic. The report shows that a regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of colon and rectum cancer by 10% (at those who eat mostly meat) and up to 50% (at those who, besides the fact that they are garlic consumers, they also have a mostly vegetarian diet, with lots of raw vegetables).

  • Colon cancer and gastric cancer
  • Many epidemiological research shows that in populations where the garlic comes into their daily diet, there is a much lower risk of developing colon and stomach cancer. The daily dose of garlic consumed is at least two cloves per day.

  • Esophagus and larynx cancer
  • The researchers from Nanjing Cancer Institute from China has compared cancer incidence on few thousand people who consumed 1 to 2 cloves of garlic daily to that among of those who ate garlic at most once a month. The study results indicate that the first batch of subjects had 69% less cases of cancer compared to group two. It is interesting that those who also eat onion besides garlic, the rate of immunity to these forms of cancer reaches the record number of 83%.

  • The Flu
  • Three or four cloves of garlic consumed daily reduces with at least one third the odds of us getting flu during an epidemic, the study was made ​​by Israeli doctors. This is because garlic besides the fact that it has a reinforcing effect of immunity, it contains substances that kill or slow down the rate of multiplication of influenza viruses.

  • Myocardial infarction
  • An Italian study shows us that the risk of infarction is greatly decreased at people who periodicaly have a garlic diet. In addition to normalizing blood pressure and clear the blood vessels thickened by cholesterol deposits, garlic is also an excellent protector of the nervous system directly involved in triggering the crisis that lead to cardiac infarction. Especially the people over 50 years should do at least four times a year a one month cure with garlic consumed fresh or as sauce prepared with olive oil and lemon.

  • Diabetes
  • If onions, which I spoke in the last article, is a very good hypoglycemic, it is considered that the garlic completes it, largely preventing the complications of diabetes. The Regularly use of therapeutic doses of garlic (at least 5 grams per day) has a preventing effect of the diabetic arterial and heart disease caused by this illness.

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