Meal administration: When is best to eat

        Regarding the administration of meals, the therapists opinions are split. Some of them recommends that the morning meal should be plentiful, while the others indicating rest for releasing the toxins.

       Here’s what a doctor said: “according to occult science, the human organism from noon until midnight receives, and from midnight until noon rejects. Therefore, we must eat during the second half of the day.

In the first half we should be satisfied with the rest after midnight, giving the body the time required to get free from food residues from the previous day. It is served only the meal from lunch and dinner. Early in the morning do not consume anything more than a glass of cold watter or a small sip of dry white wine, which surprisingly preserves human strenght and nerves. This way you can work amazingly easy in morning, vigorous and productive.”

The number of meals depends of age, health condition and other factors. It must be taken 3-5 meals/day, depending on age:


  • newborns at 3 hours;
  • small scholars 5 meals (2 snacks: between the hours 10 and 16);
  • big scholars 4 meals (without the snack at 16);
  • adults 3 meals.

Food necessities (caloric contribution) decrease after 40 years old, with 7,5% every ten years between 45 and 65 years old, and with 10% after 65 years old.

The energy needs should be covered as follows:

  • 30-35% in the morning;
  • 10% at snack;
  • 30-40% at lunch;
  • 15-20 in the evening.

The interval between meals should not be more than 6 h. Unique meals per day leads to weight gain. After meal, it is recomended to make exercise, so the blood with the nutritional factors to flow in all tisues.
Before eating, you shall not drink liquids because it decreases the concentration of digestive juices and it slows and prolongs digestion. The consumption of borsch it’s recomended before meal because it increases gastric acidity.On the other side, soups dilutes gastric juice, therefore those with low acidity should consume them after meal.

The book “Secrets of lacto-vegetarian diet” gives the following food cycles:

  1. Food intake (eating and digestion) – between the hours 12 am and 8 pm;
  2. Assimilation (absorbtion and use of nutrients) – between 8 pm and 4 am;
  3. Elimination (of body waste and food waste) – hours 4 am and 12 am;

The last meal should pe at 7 pm.


The internal organs daily rhythm:

  1. From 7-9 o’clock in the morning, the stomach is workning full time, then (like any other organ), it needs two hours of rest, meanwhile the spleen and pancreas is working full time. In this interval (9-11 am) do not burden the work of pancreas which controls the glucose, with many sweets that raises the blood sugar. After the short-term effect of the sweets pass, we will feel this through fatique and sensitization.
    The spleen, through the production of white blood cells, will help more on healing infections in the morning, than in the rest of the day.
  2. Between 11 am and 1 pm when spleen and pancreas rests, the heart has maximum efficiency. Therefore, between these hours, eat less if you’re hungry, so you don’t burden the heart activity. Between 1 and 3 pm, a siesta is needed, because the fatique installs.
  3. The small bowel activity, which is guided by the autonomic nervous system, is maximum during this period (1-3 pm), it must not be disturbed by stress.
  4. Between 3 and 7 pm, drink plenty of fluids, especially depurative teas (eg nettle), because now the bladder and kidneys helps very well in rehab.
  5. After 5 pm also the massage helps well.
  6. After 7 pm, stop drinking liquids, especially milk, which require processing.
  7. Between 7 and 9 pm, the blood flow is maximum, and the body invigorates. Between 9 and 11 pm the energy is recovered, and from 11 pm to 1 am, the gall bladder, which helps the small intestine in food processing with the help of the bile, recoveres itself. The heavy meal from evening, puts the gall bladder and the liver to work. In these hours, who suffers with the bile should put warm and wet compresses.
  8. Between 9 pm and 3 am, sleep and warmth is necesarry to restore bile and liver. The main detoxification organ, the liver, can recover best between 1 and 3 am. Between 1 and 5 am, you must not drink alcohol or smoke because you can affect organs like liver (1-3 am) and lungs (between 3 and 5 am).
  9. From 5 to 7 in the morning, the large intestine has maximum activity. This holds food wastes for 20 hours, in case of illness constipation is occured, while the small intestine holds food for 2 hours, and it’s sickness leads to diarrhea.
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