The famous garlic and alcohol recipe

     This recipe of an ancient pharmacist was found in 1972 in a Buddhist monastery in the mountains of Tibet.

      This preparation of pure garlic extract cleanses the body of fat and stones, improves metabolism and so all blood vessels become more elastic. It regulates body weight, melts blood clots, heals the sick myocardial diaphragm, atherosclerosis, loss of appetite, hypertension, lung disease, it makes the arthritis disappear, arthrosis and rheumatism, sinusitis.
It cures gastritis, stomach ulcers and hemorrhoids, it absorbs any external and internal tumors, heals various disorders of sight and hearing, impotence. It has benefits over entire body.


     In a jar of glass place 350 grams of crushed garlic and over it pour around 220-250 grams of 95-96 ° alcohol, rum or anything strong. The jar is tightly closed and placed in refrigerator for 10 days. In the 11-day filter everything with a very fine strainer or gauze. The resulted liquid is poured into the same jar and put another 2 days in refrigerator. After this time the remedy is ready for treatment.

     During the preservation of the garlic and alcohol mixture for maceration, for 10 days, it is recomended to mix it daily. In other words, blend it in the jar so that the crushed garlic homogenise better with the alcohol.

WARNING: The alcohol must not contain other substances (benzalkonium chloride or methanol).

The drops should be taken with a little milk or water before starting to eat, as follows:


1 1 2 3
2 4 5 6
3 7 8 9
4 10 11 12
5 13 14 15
6 16 17 18
7 12 11 10
8 9 8 7
9 6 5 4
10 3 2 1
11 15 25 25
12 25 25 25

It will continue with 25 drops, 3 times a day until the entire potion is consumed.
This therapy has strong effects in organism and it can only be repeated once in five years!
One last caveat: for children younger than 14 years old, this treatment will be made only after consulting a doctor.

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